Our Services

Services and Resources

Infrastructure Provisioning

Provision of social and economic infrastructure to address basic needs and eradicate poverty in the communities.

Advisory Services 

Advisory services on investment potentials in the MBDA Zone to potential investors.

Business Facilitation 

Business facilitation and livelihood development for players in the building industry and their workers.

Partnership with Development Partners 

Partnership with development partners to implement interventions to address sustainable development goals for the transformation of the MBDA Zone.


Coordination of social and economic interventions through development of master plans, capacity building, and financial supports to ministries, departments and agencies of the state as well as metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies to ensure alignment of development actions.

Why invest with us

There are diverse opportunities associated with investing with The MBDA. The middle Belt Zone is rich in Natural resources (ie Gold, Timber, Cocoa, Cashew, Arable land, and diverse tourist sites which are yet to be developed).